Directions, Circulars and Guidelines for Banks

18.04.2019   Banking Act Directions No. 2 of 2019   Measures to Curtail Imports of Motor Vehicles
30.11.2018   Banking Act Order No. 2 of 2018   Banking (Off-Shore Banking Business Scheme) Order
30.11.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 10 of 2018   Amendments to Directions on Appointment of Agents of Licensed Banks
30.11.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 11 of 2018   Foreign Currency Borrowings by Licensed Banks
18.10.2018   Banking Act Determination No.01 of 2018   Annual License Fee of Licensed Commercial Banks and Licensed Specialised Banks
28.09.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 6 of 2018   Measures to Curtail Import of Motor Vehicles