Directions, Circulars and Guidelines for Banks

08.05.2019   Circular No. 07 of 2019   Concessions Granted to Tourism Industry
26.04.2019   Monetary Law Act Order No. 1 of 2019   Maximum Interest Rates on Sri Lanka Rupee Deposits of Licensed Banks
18.04.2019   Banking Act Directions No. 2 of 2019   Measures to Curtail Imports of Motor Vehicles
30.11.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 11 of 2018   Foreign Currency Borrowings by Licensed Banks
30.11.2018   Banking Act Order No. 2 of 2018   Banking (Off-Shore Banking Business Scheme) Order
30.11.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 10 of 2018   Amendments to Directions on Appointment of Agents of Licensed Banks