Exchanging Damaged Notes

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka daily receives a large number of currency notes that are mutilated not only as a result of unavoidable circumstances but also as a result of wilfull mutilation/damage, from various regions of the country. It is a responsibility of the society to handle currency notes in circulation with great care without damaging and mutilating them, when considering the high cost involved in printing these notes with the inclusion of the maximum possible security mechanisms. The central Bank of Sri Lanka takes an enormous effort to issue clean currency notes for transactions. It is our duty as citizens to handle currency notes and coins in such a manner so as to protect and keep them clean.


How to exchange unfit, damaged and mutilated notes to new notes?

The general public can exchange damaged or mutilated notes which are damaged or mutilated during normal usage or accidents at branches of any Licensed Commercial Bank country-wide. Alternatively, the general public can forward mutilated notes by registered post to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka or hand them over in person to the damaged notes exchange counters at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka,  No. 30, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01, between 9.30 hours and 12.30 hours, Monday through Friday, except on Bank holidays. Payment procedures for mutilated or damaged notes are specified in the Monetary Law Act and redemption of value will be made in terms of the instructions contained in this Act.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka will not make payments to wilfully mutilated, altered or defaced currency notes after 31/03/2018.


Public Currency Exchange Counter

A public currency exchange counter is maintained at the Bank of Ceylon, Pettah Branch, 212/63 Gas Works Street, Colombo 11. The general public can exchange currency notes on working days from Monday to Friday and coins can be exchanged on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 a.m. onwards at this Bank of Ceylon branch which is maintained on behalf of the Central Bank.