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Doing Business in Sri Lanka

This publication contains the information regarding all major activities that have to be undertaken by an entrepreneur during different stages of business from opening and establishing a business to closure of its operations. 

Available as: PDF

Published On: 2021

ISBN: 978-624-5917-00-6

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Lets start a Small  and Medium scale business

This book is authored by Mr. M S K Dharmawardhana, Additional Director of the Regional Development Department of the Central Bank.  The book targets students, Micro, Small and Medium  Scale Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) and Bankers who look for basics on Entrepreneurship Development. Book contains products and services available for MSMEs, activities carried out by the Regional Development Department of the Central Bank to support MSME sector in the county,  the basics of Financial Management, Marketing, Accounting and legal requirement for entrepreneurs. The coverage and presentation of the book is reader-friendly and provide readers with a fair guide to study on entrepreneurship development in practical aspect.

Available as: PDF

Published On: 2015

ISBN: 978- 955-575-311-1




A Guide to Payment Services in Sri Lanka

A booklet illustrating the payment instruments/methods and the infrastructures in Sri Lanka to increase the awareness and provide guidance to the general public on conducting financial transactions safely and efficiently.

Available as: PDF

Published On: April 2022


Central Bank of Sri Lanka - Objectives, Functions and Organization (January 2019)

A booklet on the role and operations of the Central Bank. Available in English.

Available as: PDF

Published On: 01 March 2019


A Guide to Financial Services in Sri Lanka (2004) - 2nd Edition

A booklet to increase awareness about the financial system, institutions, products and investments. Available in Sinhala and English.

Available as: PDF

Published On: December 2004


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