Library & Information Centre (LIC)

The LIC is foremost a research library providing information needs of CBSL employees to achieve the objectives of the Bank. In addition, the LIC assists the country's research community to access information related to economics and banking.

Library Collection

At present the LIC holds nearly 52,000 publications comprising 32,000 monographs (books) and 20,000 reports and annual reports of other central banks and international organisations. It also has over 30,000 journal issues under more than 200 journal titles. The majority of the collection is in English. There are also special collections such as the Sri Lanka Collection and CBSL publications collection. In addition, the LIC holds a collection of over 2,080 CD-ROMs of world statistics, economics and business data and CDs of newly published books, as well. The LIC also subscribes to online journals, databases and online information services related to economics, banking and finance.

In addition reference material could be obtained from: 

  • Newspaper Reading Room 
  • Desamanya N.U. Jayawardene Reading Room
  • Internet Access Bay 
  • Central Bank Collection


The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is equipped with a state of the art library and information centre that acts as the central knowledge hub of the institution. Other than the CBSL staff, the external knowledge seekers are welcome to use the library upon getting prior approval from the Director/Communications.