Corporate Debt Securities Market

Commercial Paper Market

Commercial papers (CPs) are short-term, non-collateralised (unsecured) debt securities issued by private sector companies to raise funds for their own use, by banks and other financial intermediaries. CPs are generally issued by creditworthy (high-rated) institutions in large denominations and have additional bank guarantees of payment. CPs are usually sold at a discount, although some are interest bearing.


Corporate Bond Market

Corporate bonds are medium or long-term securities of private sector companies which obligate the issuer to pay interest and redeem the principal at maturity. Corporate bonds that are not backed by a specific asset are called debentures.


Corporate Debentures 

Debentures are unsecured, medium or long term, interest-bearing bonds issued by private sector companies, banks and other financial institutions that are backed only by the general credit of the issuer. Debentures are usually issued by large, well-established institutions. The holders of debentures are considered creditors and are entitled to payment before shareholders in the event of the liquidation of the issuing company.