Other Publications

 A Guide to Financial Services in Sri Lanka

The Central Bank released the publication “A Guide to Financial Services in Sri Lanka” specifically compiled for the awareness of the general public on the financial institutions in Sri Lanka. This publication was authored by Mr. P Samarasiri, Deputy Governor, in honor and gratitude to Mr. A S Jayawardena, the Governor November 1995 – June 2004, who proposed and guided Mr. Samarasiri to compile and release this publication first time in April 2002 in order to educate the general public on basic financial services in Sri Lanka. The publication contains basic information on financial institutions, their services, lists of various institutions licensed by the Central Bank, nature of regulation and supervision and safety of public transactions with financial institutions and is presented in a reader-friendly language while keeping its original format.

From Purana to the Rupee

Coins used through different time periods of a country play an important role when studying the history of that country. Although small in size, a coin has the ability of giving a wealth of information about the economic and cultural history of the country where it was used, through signs that remain on them. The exhibition, “From Purana to the Rupee”, was created based on the coins, notes and other artifacts previously housed at the Currency Museum of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Being prelude to the “Economic History Museum of Sri Lanka”, this exhibition will become a part of the museum once its construction is completed. This booklet, “From Purana to the Rupee” presents the long story of Sri Lankan currency in a simple language.

 A Survey of Financial System

This is the fourth book authored by Mr. P Samarasiri, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka and published by the Central Bank. The book’s presentation is targeted for students, teachers and policymakers who look for basics on financial transactions and operations of a financial system. The book presents the financial system based on five components covering money, central bank, financial institutions, financial markets and financial safety net mechanism with a special focus on Sri Lanka. In addition, a summary description of fundamental topics is also given in the first Chapter. The coverage and presentation of the book are reader-friendly and provide readers with a fair guide to study
how a financial system operates. The readers can study further theoretical and practical
details from other reading sources by taking this book as a guide.

An Introduction to Principles of Economics – Part 1 (English/Sinhala/Tamil)

The above book is authored by Mr. C P A Karunatilake, Director, Centre for Banking Studies, the training arm of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.The purpose of writing this book is to supplement the literature available on this subject for beginners, aiming at a readership of GCE Advance Level student, university students and academics. While, the main focus of the book has been the GCE A/L syllabus, each chapter has been extended beyond that scope, so that the University students and other academic and professional aspirants also could benefit.
The Central Bank employs various publications and study programmes to improve the economic and financial knowledge of the public and this book is another milestone in reaching this objective.

The Sinhala and Tamil translation of this book also available now for the benefit of Sinahla and Tamil medium stuudents.more details

Interest Rates - The Theory and Practice

The publication on the above theme written by Dr. W M Hemachanrda and published by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka provides a theoretical analysis on interest rates and their application in practice in the context of Sri Lanka. It is an ideal reading material for university students, academics, analysts, researchers and policy makers. In addition, this publication would provide clarifications to most of the frequently asked questions by students on this subject. more details

Economic Principles and Policies (Available in Sinhala medium only)

This book is authored by Mr. P Samarasiri, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka, covering a step-by-step analysis of theoretical and practical aspects of the activities of the economy based on micro, macro, financial, state and foreign sectors and analytical tools. Therefore, this book is a very useful Economics text book to students of GCE (A/L), professional courses and universities who study economics and finance and their teachers as well as academia and policy-makers. more details

Interactive CD on design and features of latest currency note series

A trilingual interactive CD on the design and the security features of the new currency notes series will serve as a very important educational material for students and public. The central bank of sri lanka released its 11th series of currency notes on “prosperity, development and sri lankan dancers” on 4th February 2011 at the Dayata Kirula exhibition held at buttala.

Analysis of Basic Economic Principles (Available in Sinhala and Tamil medium)

The above book is authored by Mr. P Samarasiri, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. It helps the reader to understand and analyse the working of an economy. It covers topics such as operational base of an economy, behavior of consumers and producers, goods and services markets, measurement of macroeconomic activities, macroeconomic equilibrium, money, banking and monetary policy, international trade and finance, balance of payment, public finance, fiscal policy and current global financial crisis. This book may be an ideal material for the students, teachers and academic in the field of basic economics. Therefore We recommend this book for teachers, academia, policy makers, and students engaged in professional studies and also for Advanced Level students. more details

The Story of Inflation

This comic book wll help you to find simple answers for the following questions:
What is inflation?
What causes inflation?
How does inflation affect the economy?
How to control inflation?
How is inflation measured?

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Transaction of Money,Banking and Economy (Available in Sinhala and Tamil medium)

This book is authored by Mr. P Samarasiri, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. It contains academic discussion on basic financial subjects, i.e., financial system of Sri Lanka, money, monetary policy, financial markets, foreign exchange market, commercial banking, bank supervision, central banking and current global financial and economic crisis. The book is written in simple language covering theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects. Therefore, this book is a very useful academic volume to students of GCE (A/L), professional courses and universities studying finance and economics and their teachers as well as academia and policymakers.

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Retrospect -The Coffee Table Book (60th Anniversary Special Publication)

Retrospect, the coffee table book issued to mark this memorable occasion, provides a window to have a momentary look over a picturesquely presented social, political and economic backround through which the Central Bank carried out its operations since its inauguration in 1950.

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Heritage Series

A series of publications published in association with the Regional Development Banks to enhance public knowledge and understanding about places of interest in the regions. Available in English and Sinhala.