Functions of Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) 

  1. Determine and implement monetary policy

  2. Determine and implement the exchange rate policy

  3. Hold and ensure the prudent and effective management of the official international reserves of Sri Lanka

  4. Issue and manage the currency of Sri Lanka

  5. Administer, supervise and regulate payment systems and ensure the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of such payment systems

  6. Register, license, regulate and supervise financial institutions

  7. Resolve financial institutions regulated and supervised by the Central Bank

  8.  Adopt and implement macroprudential policy measures

  9. Collect and produce statistics

  10. Act as financial advisor and banker to the Government

  11. Act as fiscal agent of the Government to the extent provided for by or under any written law

  12. Inform Parliament, Government, and the public about its policies and operations

  13. Cooperate with and participate in international organizations, including public international financial institutions, and cooperate with domestic and foreign public institutions, concerning matters related to its objects

  14. Promote financial inclusion in Sri Lanka

  15. Establish deposit insurance and liquidity support schemes as means of securing the financial system stability