Directions, Circulars and Guidelines for Banks

22.06.2022   Banking Act Direction No. 05 of 2022   Sustainable Finance Activities of Licensed Banks
19.05.2022   Banking Act Directions No. 03 of 2022   Margin Requirements Against Imports
06.05.2022   Banking Act Directions No. 02 of 2022   Restrictions on Discretionary Payments of Licensed Banks
21.04.2022   Monetary Law Act Order No. 03 of 2022   Interest Rates on Lending and Deposit Products of Licensed Banks
22.03.2022   Banking Act Directions No. 01 of 2022   Forward Sales and Purchases of Foreign Exchange by Licensed Commercial Banks
11.03.2022   Monetary Law Act Order No. 01 of 2022   Amendment to the Maximum Interest Rates on Lending Products of Licensed Banks
27.12.2021   Banking Act Determination No. 01 of 2021   Annual Licence Fee of Licensed Commercial Banks and Licensed Specialised Banks