Directions, Circulars and Guidelines for Banks

28.09.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 6 of 2018   Measures to Curtail Import of Motor Vehicles
24.05.2018   Banking Act Directions No. 2 of 2018   Appointment of Agents of Licensed Banks
14.03.2018   Banking Act Order No. 1 of 2018   Banking (Off-Shore Banking Business Scheme) Order
12.12.2017   Banking Act Directions No. 7 of 2017   Foreign Currency Borrowings by Licensed Banks
26.10.2017   Banking Act Directions No. 5 of 2017   Enhancement of Minimum Capital Requirement of Banks
19.09.2017   Banking Act Determination No. 2 of 2017   Annual Licence Fee of Licensed Commercial Banks and Licensed Specialised Banks
26.05.2017   Circular No. 02 of 2017   Interest Rates on Credit Products
22.03.2017   Banking Act Directions No. 03 of 2017   Amendment to Regional Development Banks (Pawning) Directions 1998
22.03.2017   Banking Act Determination No. 01 of 2017   Amendment to Pawning Conditions Issued to Licenses Commercial Banks