CBSL AWARENESS strives to enhance the understanding on CBSL objectives and functions; and to provide more clarity on its policy decisions, through a range of services, including arranging speakers for your events, conducting awareness programmes on selected topics, organizing guided tours of the Currency Museum, offering downloadable classroom material and a range of publications on economics and finance, and hosting educational events from time to time.

Further information on how to access these services can be found below:

Request for a Speaker for your Institution

CBSL AWARENESS draws from a pool of technically competent individuals who have volunteered to serve as resource persons for your events / educational programs. Please send us your request to , with details of your event /educational program.

Request for Awareness Programs on selected topics at the CBSL

CBSL AWARENESS organizes public awareness programs, seminars, and other educational programs at the request of outside parties such as schools, universities, educational offices, banks, defense service and other government institutions, at the CBSL Head Office and the Regional Offices. 

You may fill the online application form with the required details and send your request to


Request for a Guided Tour of the Currency Museum

Currency Museum of the CBSL displays a wide range of exhibits depicting the evolution of currency in the world, through its usage in Sri Lanka which dates back to the 3rd Century BC, up to currency notes and coins as it is used today.  For more information on the Currency Museum, please click here.  

If you wish to reserve a time slot for a Guided Tour of the Currency Museum, please submit the reservation form with the required details and send your request to

Awareness Resources

CBSL AWARENESS has also developed a series of videos to support the educational curricula.  Explore our free classroom materials by clicking the links below: 

Central Banking

Monetary Policy

Financial Literacy


Purchase CBSL Publications

CBSL PUBLICATIONS issues a series of regular and one-off publications, on economic and finance, to enhance your understanding of Economics, Central Banking, etc.; which can be accessed through the CBSL Official Website.   

Links to publications:

Economic and financial reports 


Other Publications

If you wish to purchase any of them, please visit the CBSL Publications Sales Counters

Educational Events

• Econ- Icon Quiz Programme

‘Econ-Icon’ is an educational TV Quiz programme, designed by the CBSL AWARENESS  in both Sinhala & Tamil mediums, to enhance the knowledge of Economics and Central Banking of Advanced Level students.

Click here to view Econ Icon Quiz Programmes

• Thakshilawa & Ariwootroo

An educational, knowledge sharing TV programme, with the presence of the technically competent resource persons of CBSL, targeting the students who sit the GCE Advanced Level examination every year, in the Sinhala medium and the Tamil medium.

Click here to view Thakshilawa (Sinhala) & Ariwootroo (Tamil) Programmes