Annual Report 2019


Volume I


Preliminary Pages

List of Acronyms

Part I

   Key Economic Indicators

   Key Social Indicators


      1. Economic, Price and Financial System Stability, Outlook and Policies

      2. National Output, Expenditure and Income

      3. Economic and Social Infrastructure

      4. Prices, Wages, Employment and Productivity

      5. External Sector Developments and Policies

      6. Fiscal Policy and Government Finance

      7. Monetary Policy, Money, Credit and Interest Rates

      8. Financial Sector Performance and System Stability


   Box Articles

      1. Sri Lanka’s Graduation to the Upper Middle Income Country Status

      2. COVID-19 and Sri Lanka: Challenges, Policy Responses and Outlook

      3. Sri Lanka’s Economic Takeoff – The Need and The Readiness

      4. Adoption of Modern Technologies in Agriculture

      5. The Emergence of Gig Economy and Its Challenges

      6. Powering Sustainable Growth and Development

      7. Education Reforms to Break Free from the Middle Income Trap

      8. Breaking Stereotypes: How Digitalisation will impact the Traditional Process of Statistics

      9. The Impact of the Easter Sunday Attacks

     10. The Importance of Effective Management of Government Expenditure amidst Subdued Revenue Mobilisation

     11. Aligning Regulations with Business Models of Licensed Banks: Proportionality

     12. Standardising the Market Practices for Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Transactions in Government Securities

     13. Requirement for Regulating the Informal Moneylending Business in Sri Lanka

     14. Major Economic Policy Changes and Measures: 2019



      1. Snapshot of National Output, Expenditure & Income-2019

      2. Performance in relation to Economic and Social Overheads

      3. Price Movement of Selected Food and Non-food Items – 2019

      4. Labour Market - 2019

      5. External Sector Performance

      6. Fiscal Sector Performance

      7. Monetary Sector Performance

      8. Financial Sector Asset Composition and Selected Indicators

Statistical Appendix

Special Statistical Appendix


Volume II


Preliminary Pages

Part II

Accounts and Operations of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Part III

Administrative Measures Adopted by the Government and the Monetary Board During the Year Relating to the Functions and Operations of the Central Bank and Banking Institutions in Sri Lanka

Part IV

Major Legislative Enactments of 2019 Relating to the Functions and Operations of the Central Bank and Banking Institutions in Sri Lanka