Issuance of Sri Lanka Development Bonds (SLDBs)

Sri Lanka Development Bonds (SLDBs) are offered by the Government of Sri Lanka and denominated in United States Dollars (USD). The most recent SLDB auction heldfrom 10-13 November 2020 with settlement on 18.11.2020 enabled to raise USD 24.82 million. At the said auction,maturities offered varied from 1 year 2 months to 4 years 2 monthsand offered at a fixed rateof 6.69 per cent to 6.82 per cent.

Subsequent to the said auction, due to renewed interest/ investor appetite for SLDBs, further investment of USD 62million was raisedby close of business today, at the Weighted Average Fixed Rates determined for respective maturities on offer at the above auction, with settlement of such investments on 18.11.2020. Accordingly, an aggregate amount of USD 86.82 millionwas raised in all four maturities in comparison with the total offered amount of USD 75 million.

Published Date: 

Monday, November 16, 2020