Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bank Communication

How do I purchase publications released by the CBSL?

CBSL publications can be purchased from,

  1. Sales Counter at the Economic History Museum of the CBSL (Tel: 011 2444502)
  2. Sales Counter at the Centre for Banking Studies, Rajagiriya (Tel: 011 2477829)
  3. Leading bookshops in the country
  4. Regional Offices in Matale (Tel: 066 2223367), Anuradhapura(Tel: 025 2222055) , Matara (Tel: 041 2222774), Trincomalee (Tel: 026 2226966), Kilinochchi (Tel: 021 2285914) and Nuwaraeliya (Tel: 052 3059004)

How do I subscribe to Satahana?

Readers can subscribe to Satahana (for one year or half year) by paying the subscription payment by money order or cheque in favour of Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
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How do I renew my subscriptions?

The subscriber can renew his/her subscription at the end of the term by paying the due amount for the desired period.

Does the CBSL give presentations to senior school students and teacher groups?

Yes. Under its educational programmes the Communications Department arranges for Lectures / Workshops / Seminars. If you wish to have such a presentation in your school, you can make a written request to the Director/Communications (Tel: 011 2477418). Subject to the availability of resource persons the Communications Department will oblige your request.

Opening hours of the Currency Museum?

The Currency Museum is open to the public from 9.00 a.m to 4.15 p.m. on weekdays except for public and bank holidays.

Public Awareness Programmes

The Central Bank, under its public awareness campaigns, takes part in educational and trade exhibitions organised by various ministries. The Currency Museum, EPF inquiries, exhibits on development projects conducted by the Regional Development Department of the Central Bank and a publication sales outlet are the main attractions at the CBSL stall.
The Communications Department also produces video documentaries to educate students on functions and responsibilities of the Central Bank and the public on various development activities and services rendered by the Bank