Condominium Market Survey

Statistics Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka launched the Condominium Market Survey during the 3rd quarter of 2017 with a view to obtaining market information, considering the importance of this sector to the real estate industry and thereby to the overall economy. The survey is carried out on a quarterly basis and the respondents consist of the members of the Condominium Developers Association of Sri Lanka and other key market players.


18.03.2022   Condominium Market Survey - Fourth Quarter 2021

28.12.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Third Quarter 2021

04.10.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Second Quarter 2021

25.06.2021   Condominium Market Survey - First Quarter 2021

26.03.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Fourth Quarter 2020

11.01.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Third Quarter 2020