Condominium Market Survey and Real Estate Property Price Indices

Statistics Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka launched the Condominium Market Survey during the 3rd quarter of 2017 with a view to obtaining market information, considering the importance of this sector to the real estate industry and thereby to the overall economy. The survey is carried out on a quarterly basis and the respondents consist of the members of the Condominium Developers Association of Sri Lanka and other key market players. A price index for new condominiums is compiled using data collected through the survey.

The Statistics Department also collects asking prices of residential property sales through publicly available data posted on property websites. Based on these data, Real Estate Asking Price Indices are compiled for Condominiums, Houses and Lands.

A quarterly summary of the Condominium Market Survey along with the compiled Real Estate Property Indices are made available to the public in the reports of Q1, 2022 onwards.


02.10.2023   Real Estate Market Analysis - Second Quarter 2023

05.07.2023   Real Estate Market Analysis - First Quarter 2023

03.04.2023   Real Estate Market Analysis - Fourth Quarter 2022

31.12.2022   Real Estate Market Analysis - Third Quarter 2022

30.09.2022   Real Estate Market Analysis - Second Quarter 2022

06.07.2022   Real Estate Market Analysis - First Quarter 2022

18.03.2022   Condominium Market Survey - Fourth Quarter 2021

28.12.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Third Quarter 2021

04.10.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Second Quarter 2021

25.06.2021   Condominium Market Survey - First Quarter 2021

26.03.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Fourth Quarter 2020

11.01.2021   Condominium Market Survey - Third Quarter 2020