60th Anniversary Commemorative Volume


Message From the Governor

Preface by the Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research



1.   The Long March of the Central Bank - 60 Years of Central Banking in Sri Lanka

2.    Rising from the Ashes - The Central Bank's Remarkable Recovery from the Terrorist Attack

3.    Stability in the Midst of Uncertainty

4.    Evolution of the Conduct of Monetary Policy in Sri Lanka

5.    The Role of the Watchdog - Strengthening Financial Regulation in Sri Lanka

6.    Surviving in White Waters - Stabilising Domestic Financial Markets

7.    Determining the Exchange Rate - Exchange Rate Regimes in Sri Lanka

8.    Payments and Settlements - Evolution of Sri Lanka's Paymen System

9.    Currency Issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka 

10.  Foreign Exchange Transactions - From Controls to Relaxation

11.  Managing Sri Lanka's Foreign Reserves

12.  Changing Lanes - Pursuing a Liberalised Economic Policy

13.  Sri Lanka's External Trade Relaions

14.  Expanding Horizons - Integration with thw World Economy

15.  Managing the Public Debt

16.  Sri Lanka Steps into International Capital Markets

17.  Consumer Finance Surveys Conducted Since 1953 - What the Data Reveal

18.  Providing Social Security through Employees' Provident Fund

19.  Special Attention to Special Needs - Central Bank Focuses on Regional Development

20.  Renaissance of the North and the East

21.  Recent Trends in the Emerging Economy of Sri Lanka