Release of “Sri Lanka Socio Economic Data – 2022” Publication

“Sri Lanka Socio Economic Data – 2022”, the annually published data folder of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, is now available for public information. The current data folder is the 45th volume of the series.

This easy-to-carry booklet contains information categorised under 14 topics, namely, Country Profile; Key Economic Indicators; Country Comparisons; Socio Economic Conditions; Human Resources; National Accounts; Agriculture; Industry; Economic and Social Infrastructure; Prices and Wages; External Trade and Tourism; External Finance; Government Finance; and Money, Banking and Finance. As the data folder presents a wide range of socio economic data of current interest in summary form, it will be a very useful reference material for policy makers, researchers, academics, professionals, students and the general public.

The English version of this publication is available in electronic form and can be accessed through the Central Bank website (

Published Date: 

Monday, November 14, 2022