Monetary Policy

About Monetary Policy


Read about Central Bank of Sri Lanka's responsibility for conducting monetary policy in Sri Lanka

Economic and Price Stability

Find information on Economic and Price Stability

Monetary Policy Framework

The Central Bank conducts monetary policy in line with a flexible inflation targeting (FIT) framework, aimed at stabilising inflation at mid single digit levels over the medium term while supporting economic growth to reach its potential.


Instruments & Implementation

Policy Rates and Open Market Operations

Find how the Central Bank conducts its monetary policy under a system of active OMOs.

Statuary Reserve Requirement

The statutory reserve ratio (SRR) is the proportion of the deposit liabilities that commercial banks are required to keep as a cash deposit with the Central Bank. Find more information on SRR here.

Other Policy Instruments

Read about what other policy instruments are available to Central Bank.

Monetary Policy Commitee

The determination and implementation of monetary policy for the country is the primary function of Monetary Policy Commitee.

Monetary Policy Consultative Commitee

Find about the Monetary Policy Consultative Committee (MPCC) and its tasks.


Monetary Policy Communication


The Central Bank is committed to the greatest possible degree of transparency related to its monetary policy conduct. Readmore about monetary policy communication here.

Monetary Policy Announcement Dates

On eight scheduled dates each year, the Central Bank issues a press release announcing its decision for the monetary policy stance, together with an explanation of the factors influencing the decision and its rationale. Here, you can find these monetary policy announcement dates.


Monetary Policy Review

Read and download monetary policy reviews.