Policy Interest Rates and Ratios

Historical Policy Interest Rates and SRR


Standing Deposit Facility Rate

Effective 02 January 2014, SDFR provides the floor rate for the absorption of overnight excess liquidity from the banking system by the Central Bank. This replaced the Repurchase Rate of the Central Bank which was in effect until 02 January 2014. With effect from 01 February 2014, the Standing Deposit Facility of the Central Bank is uncollateralized.

Standing Lending Facility Rate

Interest rate applicable on reverse repurchase transactions of the Central Bank with Commercial banks on an overnight basis under the Standing Facility, providing the ceiling rate for the injection of overnight liquidity to the banking system by the central bank. Prior to 02 January 2014, this rate was called the Reverse Repurchase rate of the Central bank.

Statutory Reserve Requirement

The propotion of rupee deposit liabilities that commercial banks are required to maintain as a deposit with the Central Bank, subject to an allowance for vault cash balances of more than two per cent but not exceeding four per cent of deposit liability, which could be deducted from the requirement.