Real-time Notifications for Transactions in Government Securities (SMS/Email Alert Service)

Introducing another feature for the investments and to enhance the awareness of investors in the Government Securities (‘Customers’ of the LankaSecure System), the Central Bank of Sri Lanka which operates and maintains the LankaSecure System has introduced an SMS/ Email Alert Service from 25th March 2019. 

The SMS/ Email Alert is a service that sends real-time notifications to investors in Government Securities for each and every movement of scripless securities in Customer’s Securities Account(s). In other words, customers receive a notification (SMSs from “LankaSecure” and emails from “”) immediately after a transaction in their Securities Account which is also known as CDS account.

Real-time notifications can either be in the form of an email or a Short Message Service (SMS) or both, based on the customer’s /investor’s preference. To enable the alerts service, custodian institutions (Licensed Commercial Banks or Primary Dealers) are required to record the customer’s /investor’s preferred method of notification, along with relevant contact details in the LankaSecure System. 

To ensure registration in the SMS/email alert service, customers are required to contact their custodian institution and submit a written confirmation of their preferred method of notification along with contact details described below;

      • a valid email address if the customer wishes to receive the alerts as an email,
      • a valid mobile number if the customer wishes to receive the alerts as an SMS 


      • a valid email address and a valid mobile number if the customer wishes to receive the alerts in both email and SMS.

Customers are advised to ascertain that the contents in the alerts are in accordance with the Customer Instructions given to custodian institutions and the agreements between the Customer and the relevant custodian institution.

This SMS/ Email Alert facility is an added service to the regular confirmations sent to customers, as printed statements by the LankaSecure system and the online viewing facility currently available to the investors.


Published Date: 

Monday, April 8, 2019