Implementation of the Banking (Amendment) Act, No 24 of 2024

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) wishes to announce the implementation of the Banking (Amendment) Act, No. 24 of 2024, effective from 15.06.2024. These amendments were formulated with a view to further strengthening the legal and regulatory framework applicable for licensed commercial banks and licensed specialised banks (licensed banks) to enhance the resilience of the banking sector of Sri Lanka.

The Banking Act, which provides for the introduction and operation of a procedure for the licensing of persons carrying on banking business and for the regulation and control of matters relating to the business of banking, was lastly amended in 2006. Therefore, the recent amendments were formulated considering the developments in the current regulatory framework, economic and market developments, the best practices and international standards adopted on prudential requirements to the context of the local banking sector. In addition, the observations and comments of the relevant stakeholders, viz., the banking sector, Panel of Auditors conducting audits of banks, other regulators and authorities were also considered, as appropriate, when drafting the amendments to the Banking Act.


Published Date: 

Friday, June 28, 2024