External Sector Performance - April 2024

Exports increased more than imports (y-o-y), reducing the trade deficit in April 2024. However, cumulative trade deficit for Jan-Apr 2024 widened.

The momentum in tourism continues, though tourist arrivals slowed in April 2024 in line with the seasonal pattern.

Inflows to the other services sectors also remained strong in the first four months of 2024.

Workers’ remittances continued to contribute notably to the external current account and forex market liquidity.

Foreign investment outflows from the government securities (G-Sec) market continued in April 2024.

Gross Official Reserves stood at US$ 5.5 billion at end April 2024, recording over US$ 1 billion increase from end 2023.

The Sri Lanka rupee remained appreciated during the year up to end May 2024.


Published Date: 

Friday, May 31, 2024