Sri Lanka Purchasing Managers’ Index - March 2021

Indicating a strong revival in manufacturing activities in the country,  the manufacturing PMI reached  a  9-month high  at 67.0 in March 2021. This was largely attributable to the increases observed  in  Production,  New  Orders,  and  Stock  of  Purchases sub-indices.The  significant  increases  in  New  Orders  and  Production  sub-indices,  particularly  in  the  manufacture  of  food  &  beverages  and textile  &  wearing  apparel  sectors,  have  mainly contributed  to  the improvement  in  the  overall  index.  Many  respondents  in  the manufacture  of  food  &  beverages  sector  highlighted  that  they experienced  higher  levels  of  sales  and  production  during  March 2021 ahead of the New Year festival season. Further, respondents from  the  textile  &  wearing  apparel  sector  mentioned  that  they increased  production  during  the  month  to  cover-up  seasonal holidays.


Published Date: 

Thursday, April 15, 2021