Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Annual Report 2011


Preliminary Pages


List of Acronyms



Part I


   Key Economic Indicators


   Key Social Indicators




      1. Economic, Price and Financial System Stability, Outlook and Policies


      2. National Output and Expenditure


      3. Economic and Social Infrastructure


      4. Prices, Wages, Employment and Productivity


      5. External Sector Developments and Policies


      6. Fiscal Policy and Government Finance


      7. Monetary Policy, Money, Credit and Interest Rates


      8. Financial Sector Performance and System Stability


      Major Economic Policy Changes and Measures : 2011



Part II


   Accounts and Operations of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka


Part III


   Major Administrative Measures Adopted by the Monetary Board in 2011


Part IV


   Major Legislative Enactments of 2011 Relating to the Functions and Operations of the    Central Bank and Banking Institutions in Sri Lanka



Statistical Appendix


Special Statistical Appendix