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The Central Bank possesses a valuable pool of human resources with updated knowledge
and experience in the fields of economics, banking and finance. The Central Bank conducts
various educational and public awareness programmes to share this knowledge with the

The Centre for Banking Studies offers a wide range of courses throughout the year.

The Public Lecture Series is conducted for academics and the general public who are
interested in updating their knowledge on current issues in economics and finance.

Awareness Programmes are conducted by the Communications Department in association
with other departments of the Bank to disseminate information and enhance understanding of developments in the economy and financial sector.

The Currency Museum has a valuable collection of old coins and currency notes and the public
is welcome to visit the museum by appointment.

Educational Videos are produced by the Bank from time to time.

Articles by the Bank officers

Seminars / Workshops / Conferences are conducted by Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Evening Presentations are conducted by the Centre for Banking Studies in a wide range of areas of Economics, Finance and Management
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