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The Communications Department, from time to time, produces educational video documentaries on various topics to educate the public. These are also available for sale in DVD and VCD formats. Refer Publications for sales information.

Provides a general overview of the Central
Bank and its functions (Produced in year
2000 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the
Central Bank of Sri Lanka).
  Describes the role of the Central Bank in
maintaining economic and price stability
(Produced in 2005).
These Educational Videos are produced and telecast by ITN under the “Thakshilawa” in collaboration with Centre for Banking Studies (CBS). Central Bank of Sri Lanka. These videos contain discussions on “ Money , Banking and Price, Macro Economy, National Accounts concepts, , Financial Markets in Sri Lanka, International Trade and foreign finance, Public Economy, State Revenue and Economic growth and development”. Available in DVD in Sinhala only. Price per copy is Rs. 200/=
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