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Centre for Banking Studies

The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is located in a fast developing suburban area of Rajagiriya bordering the Sri Jayawardenepura highway leading to the new Parliament. It is 7 km from Colombo Fort where the Central Bank Head Office is located. CBS is fully equipped with modern training facilities and support services, including conference rooms, an auditorium, training rooms, syndicate rooms, computer training laboratories, a library and coffee lounges. It has parking space for over 50 vehicles.

The objective of the CBS is to impart quality training to personnel, primarily in the financial sector and to equip them with necessary skills to meet the challenges arising from technological advancement and financial sector innovations. To achieve these objectives, the CBS offers a wide range of
training programmes on banking, financial regulations and supervision, macroeconomics, financial sector development, management, language and information technology skills.

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International Seminar / Training Programmes
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Public Lecture / Evening Presentations
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