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Impact of Macro-Fiscal Determinants in Realizing Fiscal Space for Health: Empirical Evidence from Low Income and Middle Income Countries

Deepak Kumar Behera and Umakant Dash Abstract Full text

Foreign Exchange Reserves_Towards a Sustainable Allocation

Charith Gamage Abstract Full text

Optimal Monetary Policy and Welfare Analysis: a Case Study for Sri Lanka

Kithsiri Ehelepola Abstract Full text

Central Banks' preferences and banking sector vulnerability

G. Levueuge, Y. Luocotte and F. Pradines-Jobet Abstract Full text

Assessing the Impact of Great Recession on India's Trade in Gravity Model Framework

Raj Rajesh Abstract Full text

'Love of Wealth' and Economic Growth

Gűnther Rehme Abstract Full text

Financial Contagion and Volatility Spillover: An Exploration Into Indian Commodity Derivative Market

Rudra P. Roy & Saikat Sinha Roy Abstract Full text

Understanding Sri Lankan Business Cycles through an estimated DSGE Model

Sujeetha Jegajeevan Abstract Full text

Financial integration and the Great Leveraging

Daniel Carvalho Abstract Full text

Monetary Policy and Inflation-Unemployment Variability in a New Keynesian Model

Chandranath Amarasekara and George J. Bratsiotis Abstract Full text

Systemic risk-taking at banks: Evidence from the pricing of syndicated loans

Di Gong and Wolf Wagner Abstract Full text

An Estimated Open Economy New Keynesian DSGE Model for Sri Lanka with Monetary and Fiscal Rules

Kithsiri Ehelepola Abstract Full text

Central bank credibility and the expectations channel: Evidence based on a new credibility index

Gregory Levieuge, Yannick Lucotte and Sebastien Ringuede Abstract Full text

What form of financial development works best for poor in rural India?

Atul Mehta and Joysankar Bhattacharya Abstract Full text

Commodity and Oil Price Fluctuations, Macroeconomic Performance and Challenges for an Emerging Economy: The Indian Experience

D. Tripati Rao and Saurabh Goyal Abstract Full text

On the Applicability of Advanced Forecasting Techniques to Developing Economies- A Case of Sri Lanka

Sujeetha Jegajeevan Abstract Full text

Asymmetric Behaviour of Inflation around the Target in Inflation-Targeting Countries

Kurmas Akdogan Abstract Full text
Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis for Sri Lanka Kithsiri Ehelepola Abstract Full text
Bayesian New Keynesian Small Open Economy Neil Dias Karunaratne and Lasitha R. C. Pathberiya Abstract Full text
Financial Intermediation in a Global Environment Victoria Nuguer Abstract Full text
Tinker, Taper, QE, Bye? The Effect of Quantitative Easing on Financial Flows to Developing Countries Jamus Jerome Lim, Sanket Mohapatra, and Marc Stocker Abstract Full text
Flattening Yield Curve Amidst Rapid Inflows Shakira Teh Sharifuddin1 and Loke Po Ling Abstract Full text
U.S. Investment in Global Bonds John D. Burger, Rajeswari Sengupta, Francis E. Warnock and Veronica Cacdac Warnock Abstract Full text
An Empirical Analysis of Excess Interbank Liquidity Muhammad Omer, Jakob de Haan and Bert Scholtens Abstract Full text
Explaining How Real Exchange Rates Move in Growing Economies Using Labour Surplus Kue Peng Chuah Abstract Full text
Monetary Transmission in the Emerging Country Context: The case of Sri Lanka Anil Perera and J.Wickramanayake Abstract Full text
Monetary Policy Rules in Practice: Evidence for Sri Lanka Roshan Perera and Vishuddhi Jayawickrema Abstract Full text
Quarterly Bayesian DSGE model of Pakistan Economy with Informality Waqas Ahmed, Jahanzeb Malik and Muhammed Rehman Abstract Full text
Fiscal Risk Management for Private Infrastructure Projects in Sri Lanka Md. Abu Rashed, Fahim Faisal and Husne Ara Shikha Abstract Full text
Off-balance sheet banking and its implications for monetary transmission: evidence from south Asia with a special focus on Sri Lanka Anil Perera, Deborah Ralston and Jayasinghe Wickramanayake Abstract Full text
The link between financial development and sectoral output growth: Evidence from Sri Lanka Prof. Frank Westermann Abstract Full text
Changing Theory and Practice of Monetary Policy in India Prof. M.V.S.Gowada and Prof. M.Devraj Abstract Full text
Role of Financial Intermediation in Capital Formation and Economic Growth Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman Abstract Full text
Balance Sheet Channel of Monetary Policy and Economic Growth under Fiscal Dominance: Evidence from Pakistan Safia Shabbir Abstract Full text
Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies on Output Growth in Bangladesh: A Cointegration and Vector Error Correction approach Dr. Sayera Younus Abstract Full text
Foreign aid, external debt and governance Mr.Unbreen Qayyum, Mr. Musleh Din,Mr. Adnan Haider Abstract Full text
Twin Crises International Research Conference Hassan Abbas and Farooq Pasha Abstract Full text
Bank-Lending Channel in Sri Lanka: An empirical Investigation W A Dilrukshini Abstract Full text
Central Bank Financial Strength and its Impact on Economic Outcomes R A Anil Perera Abstract Full text
Asset Pricing Model-Evidence from Indian Market D Majumdar Abstract Full text
Assessing Government Debt Sustainability in Sri Lanka D G D I Ekanayake Abstract Full text
An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Capital Inflows on Domestic Investment in India Rajiv Ranjan and Sunil Kumar Abstract Full text
Monetary Policy in Turbulent Times: Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policies R. A. Anil Perera Abstract Full text
Monetary Policy & Yield Curve Bahaviour: Sri Lankan case under Heterogeneous Economic Environment Mohamed Z. M. Aazim and N. S. Cooray Abstract Full text
Investigating Inflation Persistence in Sri Lanka: Has the Inflation Process Changed? P. K. G. Harischandra Abstract Full text
Global Events and Economic Growth in India Rajib Das & Indrani Manna Abstract Full text
Central Bank Objectives and Aggregate Disturbances Chandranath Amarasekara Abstract Full text
Dutch Disease Investigated: Empirical Evidence from selected South - East Asian Economies Shahid Hussain Javaid Abstract Full text
Core Inflation in Sri Lanka: Is it a Useful Guiding Indicator in Conducting Monetary Policy R. A. Anil Perera Abstract Full text
Sovereign Wealth Funds for India: Delineating Issues and Options from International Experience Narayan Chandra Pradhan and Ramesh Golait Abstract Full text
Reserve Management, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Prospects of SAARC Region R A A Jayalath Abstract Full text
Is Sri Lanka Ready for Inflation Targeting? R A Anil Perera Abstract Full text
Have the Sacrifice Ratios Changed under Inflation Targeting? - An Empirical Investigation Chandranath Amarasekara Abstract Full text

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