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The Central Bank of Sri Lanka compiles and disseminates statistics relevant to its core objectives of economic and price stability and financial system stability, both as a primary source and as a secondary source of information. These statistics are disseminated as annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily series, as relevant to each topic, subject to availability of all required information. In the compilation and dissemination of official statistics, the Central Bank adheres to international best practices for the Observance of Standards and codes. Dissemination takes place through the print and electronic media, as well as publications of the Bank.

Statistics disseminated by the Bank in its publications may be accessed in PDF format from the Publications web page. In addition, regular updates for different sectors of the economy are disseminated through the Weekly Economic Indicators and Monthly Economic Indicators under Current Economic Indicators on the Home page. Key statistics that the Bank disseminates as a primary source are available as data series in MS Excel format, and will be updated annually, for the convenience of analysts and researchers, through this web page under the following categories

Observance of Standards
Real Sector
External Sector
Fiscal Sector
Monetary Sector
Financial Sector
Sri Lanka Prosperity Index (SLPI)
National Summary Data Page
Business Outlook Survey (BOS)
Purchasing Managersí Index (PMI) Survey
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