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Sri Lanka Prosperity Index (SLPI)

The Sri Lanka Prosperity Index (SLPI) is a multi-dimensional indicator which is compiled by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The SLPI is categorized into three sub-indices. The three sub-indices of the SLPI - Economy and Business Climate; Wellbeing of People; and the Socio-Economic Infrastructure are measured using 42 representative variables reflecting the economic and social progression of provinces.

A new methodology which closely follows the Legatum Prosperity Index’s methodology, i.e., standardizing the data to bring all of the variables into proportion with one another, has been adopted in compilation of SLPI from 2014.

The prosperity measured by SLPI has improved to 0.864 in 2015 from 0.804 in the previous year. The improvements in SLPI in 2015 was mainly driven by improvements in Economy and Business Climate and Well-being of the People sub-indices, while there is a moderation in Socio-Economic Infrastructure sub-index.

Sri Lanka Prosperity Index and Sub-Indices 2011 – 2015
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
            Sri Lanka Prosperity Index 0.028 0.297 0.627 0.804 0.864
            Economy and Business Climate Sub-Index 0.048 0.322 0.790 1.012 1.022
            Well-being of the People Sub-Index -0.124 0.337 0.474 0.611 0.783
            Socio-Economic Infrastructure Sub-Index 0.161 0.232 0.618 0.788 0.786
The details of SLPI published can be accessed via following links.


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