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Monetary Sector
The Monetary system consists of the Central Bank and all institutions that create money, mainly commercial banks. Accordingly, data on monetary aggregates and other measurable indicators of the measures the Central Bank, the monetary authority of the country, has taken under its monetary management, are provided under this sector.

Statistical Tables
Key statistical data series on the Monetary sector that originate in the Bank are

4.01 Monetary Survey - Annual (1995- Latest) >>
4.02 Monetary Survey - Monthly (Dec. 1995 - Dec. Latest) >>
4.03 Interest Rates - Annual (1990- Latest) >>
4.04 Interest Rates - Monthly (2003 - Latest) >>
4.05 Assets and Liabilities of CBSL - Annual (1990 - Latest) >>
4.06 Assets and Liabilities of CBSL - Monthly (2003 - Latest) >>
4.07 Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks - Annual (1995 - Latest) >>
4.08 Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks - Monthly (1995 - Latest) >>
4.09 Assets and Liabilities of Finance Companies - Annual (1990 - Latest) >>
4.10 Reserve Money, Money Multiplier and Velocity - Annual (1990 - Latest) >>
4.11 Reserve Money, Money Multiplier and Velocity - Monthly (2003 - Latest) >>

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Further information pertaining to the above statistical tables may be obtained from Economic Research Department

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