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External Sector
All transactions between any country and the rest of the world come under the External sector. External sector transactions, both receipts and payments, can be identified according to their nature as current and capital transactions, which again, have further subdivisions. Furthermore, the accumulation of receipts and ability to make payments affect and are affected by, respectively, the external reserves of an economy. Transactions among nations require conversion among currencies, which are directly associated with exchange rates. While developments in external transactions affect exchange rates, movements in exchange rates again impact on External sector transactions. Accordingly, the data on external transactions, external reserves and exchange rates are provided under this sector.

Statistical Tables
Key statistical data series on the External sector that originate in the Bank are

2.01 Exports - Annual (1990- Latest) >>
2.02 Exports - Monthly (2006- Latest) >>
2.03 Imports - Annual (1990- Latest) >>
2.04 Imports - Monthly (2006- Latest) >>
2.05 Trade Indices - Annual (1990- Latest) >>
2.06 Trade Indices - Monthly (2006 - Latest) >>
2.07 Balance of Payments (BPM5 basis)-Annual (1995 to 2011) >>
2.08 Balance of Payments (BPM5 basis)-Quarterly (2001 to 2011)>>
2.09 Balance of Payments (BPM6 basis)-Annual (2012 to latest)>>
2.10 Balance of Payments (BPM6 basis)-Quarterly (2012 1Q to latest)>>
2.11 International Investment Position As at end Quarter (2014 3Q to latest) >>
2.12 Quarterly External Debt Statistics-As at end Quarter (2012 4Q to latest)>>
2.13 Co-ordinated Direct Investment Survey (CDIS)-As at end year (2013 to latest)>>
Monthly External Sector Statistics Updates
2.14.1 Earnings from Tourism (2009 January to latest) >>
2.14.2 Workers' Remittances (2009 January to latest)>>
2.14.3 Inflows to the-Colombo Stock Exchange(CSE)-Secondary market (2009 January to latest) >>
2.14.4 Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds Inflows (2009 January to latest)>>
2.14.5 International Sovereign Bonds (2009 to latest)>>
2.14.6 Government Long Term Loans-Disbursements (2009 January to latest) >>
2.14.7 Government Grants (2009 January to latest) >>
Gross Official Reserves Related Statistics (Monthly)
2.15.1 Reserve Data Template-latest >>
2.15.2 Reserve Data Template-historical >>

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Contact Details
Further information pertaining to the above statistical tables may be obtained from

Economic Research Department
No. 30, Janadhipathi Mawatha
Central Bank of Sri Lanka,
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka
Tele: 94-11-2477177, 2477174, 2477554, 2477609, 2477186
Fax: 94-11-2477709
Email: econ@cbsl.lk
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