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Agency Functions
Management and Administration of the Employees' Provident Fund

The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) was established under EPF Act No. 15 of 1958 where the Monetary Board as the custodian of the Fund is vested with the responsibility of receiving contributions from employers, investing excess funds, maintaining proper accounts and paying benefits to members.

Responsibilities of the Monetary Board as the custodian of the Fund:
Receive contributions, surcharges and income from investments
Pay benefits to eligible members as determined by the Commissioner of Labour under
  the Act
Invest excess funds in appropriate securities
Pay interest on member balances
Maintain general accounts and accounts with respect to each member
Publish annual accounts
Issue member account balance statements periodically
Issue certificates for housing loan purposes and reimburse defaulted instalments to the
  respective lending institutions.

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EPF ( Special Provisions) Law no.6 of 1975 and amendments >>
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Visit EPF website www.epf.lk for more information.

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Management and Administration of the Employees' Provident Fund
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