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Agency Functions

Regional Development

Regional Offices
CBSL has established three Regional Offices at Matara, Anuradhapura and Matale with a view to promoting regional economic activities with the assistance of the banking sector.  The first Regional Office was opened at Matara in 1981 and the second and third Regional Offices at Anuradhapura and Matale in 1982 and 1985, respectively.  With a view to enhancing the development activities in the Northern Province and Eastern Province, CBSL opened its fourth Regional office in Jaffna on 04.07.2010, fifth Regional office in Trincomalee on 12.11.2010 and the sixth Regional office in Kilinochchi on 06.05.2015. Also the CBSL opened its seventh Regional office in Nuwara Eliya on 17.01.2016 to further expand its regional presence to promote financial inclusion and to facilitate economic activities in the region. The Regional office in Jaffna shifted its operations to Regional office, Kilinochchi on 15.06.2017. With the merging of the Jaffna regional office to the Kilinochchi Regional office, the Central Bank will have 6 Regional offices.

Areas of Operation

Areas of Operation of Regional offices

Regional Office, Matara - Galle, Matara and Hambantota Districts
Regional Office, Anuradhapura - Anuradhapura, Puttalam and Kurunagela Districts
Regional Office, Matale - Kandy and Matale Districts
Regional Office, Trincomalee - Trincomalee, Baticaloa and Polonnaruwa Districts
  Regional Office, Kilinochchi - Kilinochchi, Jaffna and Mullaitivu Districts
Regional Office, Nuwara Eliya- Nuwara Eliya and Badulla Districts

However, depending on the requirement, Regional Offices may also carry out development activities in other districts which are not covered by above Regional Offices.

Supporting implementation and coordination of key functions of the CBSL in the regions.
Promoting the rural economy by facilitating the smooth and timely supply of financial
  assistance, guidance and marketing linkages and coordination of related support services to the provinces in order to promote economic growth.
Contributing to the reduction of poverty and upliftment of economic and social conditions in the relevant regions through various development activities.

Functions of the Regional Offices
Carry out CBSL key functions in the regions.
Support RDD in the implementation of regional development lending programmes and other promotional activities.
Collect and compile regional information and disseminate economic and financial data and information to raise awareness.
Expand outreach and create awareness on banking and development among the rural communities by conducting seminars / workshops etc.
Support regional planning activities and undertake resource surveys to identify
  regional specific problems that affect development activities in the regions.

Contact Addresses
Regional Manager,
Regional Office - Matara
35, Anagarika Dharmapala, Mawatha,
Matara .
Tel: 041 2222269
Fax: 041 2222719
E-mail: romatara@cbsl.lk
Regional Manager,
Regional Office - Anuradhapura
341, 1st Stage,
Tel: 025 2222024
Fax: 025 2225689
E-mail: roapura@cbsl.lk
Regional Manager,
Regional Office - Matale
805, Trincomalee Street,
Tel: 066 2222167
Fax: 066 2222175
E-mail: rm.matale@ymail.com

Regional Manager,
Regional Office - Trincomalee
No.103, Post Office Road,
Tel: 026 2226966
Fax: 026 2226967
E-mail: cbsltrinco@gmail.com

Regional Manager,
Regional Office - Kilinochchi
Ariviyal Nagar,
Tel: 021 2285912
Fax: 021 2285911
E-mail: rokn@cbsl.lk
Regional Manager,
Regional Office - Nuwara Eliya
84, Badulla Road,
Nuwra Eliya.
Tel: 052 3059002
Fax: 052 2224294
E-mail: rone@cbsl.lk

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