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Agency Functions
Regional Development

Regional Development Lending Programmes
The Central Bank on behalf of the Government acts as the apex agency to implement the following donor funded and government funded lending programmes for key economic sectors in the regions through Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) selected for the purpose.

Following programmes are implemented by the Regional Development Department (RDD) of the Central Bank.

1. Agricultural, Fisheries & Livestock Sector
1.01 Second Perennial Crops Development Project Revolving Fund Loan Scheme -
1.02 Tea Development Project Revolving Fund Loan Scheme - TDPRF
New Comprehensive Rural Credit Scheme - SARUSARA >>

Agro Livestock Development Loan Scheme - Abhivurdhini

1.05 Krushi Navodaya Loan Scheme
1.05 Special Loan Scheme for Agriculture Sector Development - Viskam
1.05 Post Tsunami Rehabilitation and Resource Management Programme - PTCRRMP

2. Small and Medium Enterprise Sector
2.01 Sabaragamuwa Province Integrated Rural Development Project Revolving Fund Loan Scheme (SPIRDPRF)
2.02 Post Tsunami Line of Credit - European Investment Bank ( EIB ) Contract B Loan Scheme
2.03 Construction Sector Development Project - CSDP
2.04 Self Employment Promotion Initiative Loan Scheme - SEPI
2.05 Northern Province Development Special Loan scheme "Awakening North"
2.06 Eastern Province development Special Loan Scheme
2.07 Provincial Development Loan Scheme
2.08 Saubhagya Loan Scheme

3. Micro Finance Sector
3.01 Dry Zone Livelihood Support Partnership Programme
3.02 Small Holder Plantation Entrepreneurship Development Loan Scheme - SPEnDP
3.03 Poverty Alleviation Micro Finance Project II - Prabodhini Loan Scheme
3.04 Poverty Alleviation Micro Finance Project Revolving Fund - PAMPRF
3.05 Small Farmers Landless Credit Scheme Project II - SFLCP

Salient Features of Regional Development Lending Programmes
implemented by the RDD >>
Scope of the Lending Schemes implemented by the RDD >>

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