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Agency Functions

Public Debt Management

In terms of Section 113 of the Monetary Law Act, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) is responsible for the management of the public debt as the Agent of the Government. Accordingly, the Public Debt Department (PDD) of the CBSL on behalf of the Government issues debt instruments and handles all matters relating to servicing the domestic and foreign debt of the Government .The Ministry of Finance handles the matters relating to obtaining loans from the foreign sources.

The objective of debt management is to ensure that the government’s financing needs are met at the lowest possible cost consistent with a prudent degree of risk, and developing and strengthening the government securities market, while enhancing efficiency and maintaining stability. Although the strategic objective to be pursued in government debt management has not been made explicit by any law in Sri Lanka, it is implicitly understood that debt management should be carried out in such a way as to:

Minimise the direct and indirect cost of public debt on a long-term perspective

Avoid volatility in debt service cost and guarantee a balanced distribution
Prevent an excessive concentration on redemption payments
Minimise any type of rollover risk / refinancing risk
Promote the efficient functioning of the government securities market
Service government debt on time with 100% accuracy


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