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Currency Management
The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has the sole right and authority to issue currency in Sri Lanka which includes both currency notes and coins as stipulated in the Monetary Law Act No. 58 of 1949. In fulfilling this task, the Bank is entrusted with designing, printing and distributing of Sri Lanka's bank notes and minting of coins. The purpose of currency management is to build and maintain public confidence in the currency by preserving its value and integrity and by making available adequate stocks to meet the demand for currency, which is essential for the proper functioning of the economy.

Denominations of Currency Notes and Coins
About Currency Notes and Coins
Features of Currency Notes
Design and Production
Counterfeit Notes
Protection of Currency Notes
Commemorative Coins and Notes
Currency Museum
New Currency Note Series
Parameters for Sorting of Currency Notes of Sri Lanka
Security features of Rs. 2000 Currency Note
Statistics on Currency
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