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Financial System Stability
One of the core objectives of the Central Bank is to maintain financial system stability. The Central Bank discharges this role by establishing the required legal framework, regulating and supervising key categories of financial institutions, maintaining stability in key financial markets, overseeing the payments and settlements system, acting as lender of last resort and by regular surveillance of the entire financial system, including insurance and stock market activities.

About the Financial System
Financial System Stability
Structure of the Financial System
Components of the Financial System
Regulation and Supervision
Regulation and Supervision of Banks
Regulation and Supervision of Finance Companies
Regulation and Monitoring of Finance Leasing Establishments
Regulation and Supervision of Primary Dealers
Monitoring and Surveillance
Maintaining Stability in Money and Foreign Exchange Markets
Overseeing the Payment and Settlement System
Surveillance of Financial Conglomerates
Lender of Last Resort
Financial System Stability Committee (FSSC)
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