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About the Bank
Our Values

Commitment to inspirational leadership -
  Providing strategic leadership to the financial sector.
Transparency in what we do -
  Being ready to explain the rationale behind our actions.
Accountability to our key stakeholders the public, government, financial institutions and employees -
  Taking responsibility for our policy advice and actions.
Integrity (trust,dependability,honesty) -
  Matching words with deeds by discharging functions ethically in the best interests of our stakeholders
Commitment to professional competence -
  Dedication, quality and excellence in all we do.
Commitment to lifelong learning, knowledge sharing and innovation -
  Acquiring the required skills individually and collectively in a rapidly changing world.
Consistency, accuracy and timeliness of all actions taken by the Bank-
  Earning respect for what we do.
Managing and ensuring operational autonomy for policy formulation and
  implementation -
  Providing the organizational freedom for objective decisions.
Urgent and continuous commitment to results and outputs -
  Bringing a sense of urgency and timeliness into all our actions.

Commitment to collaborative and participatory work practices -



  Building positive team relationships within the Bank so as to ensure the maximum level of co-operation and team spirit.
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