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About the Bank
Our Mission

>> Maintaining economic and price stability and financial system stability to support sustainable growth through policy stimulus, advice, commitment and excellence.

Our mission emphasizes the need for the Bank to continuously fulfill its core objectives: economic and price stability (maintenance of a low level of inflation, while attaining macroeconomic equilibrium) and financial system stability (maintenance of stability in the financial system as a whole). The accomplishment of this mission would enable the Bank to create a conducive environment for economic agents to take a long-term view of the economy and make major decisions relating to resource allocation, production, labour supply, investments, consumption and savings, accordingly. Such a long-term focus is essential for sustainable growth and the alleviation of poverty.

The core objectives would be supplemented by appropriate policy recommendations for raising the output of the economy to the long-term potential and desired levels. The Bank's staff, the key input in its operations, would display the highest level of commitment, dedication and excellence in accomplishing the mission so that the Bank would be a model for others to emulate. The staff would also set appropriate benchmarks and service norms, when extending their services to the stakeholders. The Bank would always strive to upgrade its services, even to standards higher than international best practices.

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