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Press Releases & Speeches
This section contains a collection of Central Bank press releases and notices to the public, as well as speeches made by senior Bank personnel and the CBS Public Lecture Series

Press Releases
The Central Bank issues press releases to disseminate information on all aspects of its work. Press releases are mainly used to announce policy decisions, publicise statements, reports and new publications of the Bank and to disseminate data. Available on line.

Notices to the Public
The Central Bank issues Notices to the Public to disseminate information on specific public awareness issues. Available on line.

Speeches made by senior officials of the Central Bank in various fora are available on line.

CBS Public Lecture Series
The Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) arranges its annual Public Lecture Series on topics of current interest by eminent resource persons from Sri Lanka and abroad, including central bank officials. Some Lecture handouts and published occasional papers are available on-line.
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